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Is you stomach suppose to hurt when you push it in?

4 answers
Is you stomach suppose to hurt when you push it in? When i push my stomach in it feels funny. Also, my stomach has been hard for a week now. Does that happen when you first get pregnant?

answers (4)

Is the hardness - up high? down low? in the middle? off to one side?If it is down low just above your pubic bone, then yes it could be from pregnancy. If it is anywhere else, go see a doc asap.I am about 18 weeks and if I lay on my belly at all it hurts. I don't remember when it started.
Yea its just right about the pubic bone. when i push my stomach in it hurts a little. I can't sleep on my stomach because i feel so unconformable.
I would take a test, that would be the only way to be sure..
why when i push on my stomach at the bottom below your tummy line  when i push on it it feels like something is stabbing me? what does that mean? and i just just had my period like a week and a half ago and now im bleeding again  but this time its a brown color? i just dont kno what it means:?

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