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Im 18 and I believe 4 weeks along. I just wanted to get some input on whats important to do during the first trimester. I really want to do everything I can right. What can I expect at my first appointment? What should I eat and absolutely NOT eat? My mother said online resources arent always correct so I was hoping to get some input from others going through the same thing or already have been. Thankyou and CONGRATULATIONS to all you mommys and mommy-to-bes :))

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in ur first tri-mester try to get alot of rest, ur bodys gunna need things with calcium throughout ur pregnancy to keep ur bones strong and the baby since the baby will be taking vitamins and things from ur ur first appt u may just talk to the doc, she'll weigh u and take a urine sample and send u for blood work..ive been told by the doctor and other moms not to eat cold deli meat because of the slight chance of getting listeria..a hot grinder is fine tho..and theres only certain types of fish u can eat. im not sure which ones because i dont eat fish anyways..and make sure all ur meat is thoroughly cooked, no pink inside..and only have 2 cups of caffine a day.. its a lot to remember at first but ull get it..good luck with everything!
thankyou so much! :))
Ok well yeah you shouldnt eat any fish they hold Mercury in them. I do drink caffine and have had a completely healthy baby growing in my belly. now you dont want to drink toooo much obviously! also i would stay farr away from spicy foods heart burn galore!! You CAN eat deli meat but if you cook it a bit first yes there is bactiria carried on it but it dies when you cook it. yes drink low fat milk eat eggs cheeses fiber cereals. other than that just remember your not eating for two your eating for your self just adding an extra hundered calories which can be in just one cup of trail mix. Hope I helped!
You should start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible. You can buy them over the counter at drug stores and wal-mart. You can eat some fish like tuna, they have little or no mercury in them but not more than twice a week. NO sushi or under cooked meats. Drink plenty and try and get as much fiber as possible. Being prego tends to lead to constipation easy due to a hormone your body produces to help your muscles relax so your uterus can stretch.  I don't worry about caffeine too much and my babies have all been fine. At my first appointments I always get blood work, an ultrasound, weight, blood pressure, and urine done, and talk to the mid-wife. Don't worry about being young cause I was 16 when I got prego with my first baby. Good luck and best of wishes for you and your growing baby. :)
Thankyou all so much!! :))
You will probably have your first appointment between 7 and 9 weeks to confirm your pregnancy.  They will do a urine test and some doctors do an ultrasound to confirm.  Drink plenty of fluids, water is extremely important.  I saw some moms say they don't worry about caffiene and that's okay for them, but I do watch how many caffinated drinks I have during the day.  I have a hard enough time sleeping and the caffeine just makes it worse for me, so I may be more tired throughout the day, but I sleep pretty well at night.  I was drinking 2-3 cups of caffinated tea a day, but have switched since I read this article linking it to miscarriages:  Definitely limit gatorades and powerades - drinks made to replenish your eletrolytes are not good to be consumed by pregnant women heavily.  They contain a lot of sodium and it's not good for you or the baby.  One every once in a while will be okay, just not a lot.  Stay away from Ramen noodles - I don't like them anyway, but it goes back to that sodium intake thing.  Tuna if you like it is fine to eat and so are many other kinds of fish, you should get a list from your doctor of the recommended kinds.  Fiber is super important to intake.  Your baby is going to absorb so much of what you eat that you can easily become constipated.  I have with all 3 of my pregnancies!  So I have to make sure that I eat enough during the day or take a supplement like citracel.  I also have to take a calcium supplement because my babies tend to absorb so much of my calcium that it starts depleting from my teeth and you can see the stripes in my teeth where it's coming out.  I knew this from my previous two boys so I just went ahead with this one and started taking it from the start, but you may not need too.  Post whenever you have questions!  Good luck!
I drink a bottle of smart water a day, the big one. Should I buy a different kind or is it okay? I dont drink any caffeine, Im kinda paranoid lohl cause its my first and I really want to do everything I can right. I dont like fish, but I do like shrimp, crab, and lobster? I dont like ramen either so thats a plus:). I like fruits, but I heard your not supposed to eat too much? What kind of cereal would you recommend to be the best for being pregnant? And when they take your blood is it bad? Im deathly afraid of needles and I always faint with blood :((. Im a wuss. Will this get better throughout my pregnancy or be a problem? Thankyou once again, the more I learn the safer my pregnancy seems to me:)) And goodluck to you too!
My doctor said to drink 64 oz of water a day and my insurance company mailed me a 32 oz cup, so I know at minimum I have to drink (2) of those a day.  I usually drink more because I'm so thirsty and you will go through spurts of being really thirsty and not at all.  Just remember dehydration can cause preterm labor.  Check with your doctor on the crab and lobster.  I'm not big on either of those, so I didn't pay attention to that part of my book, but I think the shrimp is okay as long as it's cooked.  Fruits and veggies are great to eat!!!  They have healthy fats if any at all, help you stay hydrated and are a great source of all kinds of nutrients you need.  Eat up!!  Cereals are up to you, I love raisin bran and actually crave it, so there's my fiber.  I don't really think there are any to avoid.  No when you have to give blood it's not bad, tell the nurse about your blood thing and they can help make it easy on you - plus you don't have to do it too often unless there's an issue.  I'm 23 weeks and I've only had to have my blood drawn once and I think they'll only have to do it one more time.  My cousin has the same problem and the nurse knows about it and works with her.  Now you will have to pee in a cup every time, so hopefully you don't have issues with that!  (just kidding)!!  :)  I was so nervous with my first that it caused me to get put on bed rest with high blood pressure, so try to stay calm ask questions of us and your doctors and enjoy!!  It's a wonderful experience to get to carry and deliver a child!  :) 
you can eat shellfish their bottom feeders so you cant eat fish that eat fish only shellfish no tunaa ; anchovies or ceasar dressing its made out of anchovies ; bones and everythingg .
water, juice, and vitamins. go with your gut instincts!! and your doctor will be there with you the whole way, also, see about setting up an appointment to meet with a nuitritionalist. they can help you set up a diet plan for you and your baby. and of course i'll be there the whole way too sis(: everything will be fine, try to stay well rested and stress-free as much as possible. like i said, everythings going to go fine(: can't wait to meet my niece or nephew! love you.-Ash


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