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10 Best Toys to Get Kids Moving


1. Chiffon scarves
They're great for visual tracking, throwing, and catching (use with adult supervision).

2. Hula hoop
Not just for shimmying; your kid can jump in and out of it, or roll it around.

3. Jump rope
Besides the obvious, use it for tug-of-war or as the goal line in relay races.

4. A set of wheels
Think ride-on toys and tricycles for toddlers, then move up to a training-wheel bike for preschoolers.

5. Wagon
For pulling, pushing, and filling up with all kinds of stuff.

6. Sidewalk chalk
Yes, decorating the driveway is a good workout, but you can also draw a hopscotch pattern and jump to it.

7. Junior jungle gym
Climbing apparatus is irresistible and can be used indoors and out.

8.Balls, balls, balls
Soft foam balls or those with a knobby texture are easy for little hands to get a grip on; 4- and 5-year-olds can start kicking soccer balls around.

9. Outdoor sprinkler
Nothing gets a kid moving faster than a fountain of water on a hot day.

10. Mini-sports toys
Junior-size basketball hoops, T-ball, or bowling sets are perfect when you're cooped up on a rainy day or to haul out into the yard.