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10 Mother-In-Law Horror Stories

Creatista for Veer

1. "I feel like she's getting in my place as the mom... I'm scared my baby boy would grow up being closer to her than me." –​ 1st_timers

2. "This should be about me and him, not me, him, his mom, and his sister." Sept29th

3. "(They) tell me that my son will have ADHD if he watches 30 seconds of TV or the fact that he's gluten-free will turn him into an anorexic." jaxon1015

4. "After an hour of listening to why my wife was insufficient, and I was abusive, and we should have a second child... I suggested it was time to go." bangordad

5. "It's not so easy being a sister-in-law, living with the in-laws. I am expected to be cooking for them, cleaning up their messes, and have to watch what I say. It is so frustrating." mrs_yang

6. "Yesterday when I went to get my birth control, it was missing. It was in the kitchen where she was cleaning, and now I can not find it. She does not approve of birth control, because she thinks it is a mortal sin." tierrajo1

7. "My father-in-law 'accidentally' threw out my engagement ring while cleaning. I had taken it off while cooking. We looked everywhere for it and found it in the garbage rolled in a napkin and stuffed in a macaroni box!" brandie1127

8. "I was holding him and rocking him, trying to soothe him, and she actually got down on her knees next to me and started 'shhhh'-ing in his ear and then said, 'here, let me have him,' as if I don't know how to do it myself! What the heck does she think I do when she's not around!?" WWmama

9. "When we go and visit my in-laws, I always give my MIL the baby to hold right away. Otherwise, that woman will follow me and my daughter all over the entire house." lholland

10. "My in-laws are boy makers! So now that I'm pregnant with a girl I get to hear all the wonderful 'Oh, I'm so glad I didn't have girls,' 'I never wanted girls,' Girls are 'this,' girls are 'that'. I feel blessed to have whatever I would have been given, boy or girl. How do I handle all the negativity? [My husband] has one female cousin, and she gets to hear it all the time. I think that is why we never see her at family functions." brandie1127