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10 Tricks to Looking Great at Any Age

1) White Teeth

Avoid coffee, colas, or red wine. To brighten teeth, try Colgate Total Plus Whitening toothpaste, Reach Whitening Floss, or a bleaching kit from Rembrandt.

2) Just-Right Cuffs and Hems

Shirt cuffs should extend just below your wristbone; pants should hit your heel and barely "break" on your foot.

3) Spiffy Shoes

Rub shoes with a shine cloth or sponge (you can get one at the drugstore) and they'll look as good as new in a minute.

4) Stay-Put Makeup

Prime eyelids with foundation and lips with lip liner before adding color. To prevent mascara smears, wipe wand with tissue before applying.

5) Neat Clothes

No time to iron? Use a handheld steamer. Faster still: Downy's Wrinkle Releaser. Mist it on; tug and smooth to banish creases.

6) Lush Lips

Even if you have no time for any other makeup, slicking on lipstick can perk up your whole face. Choose a shade that's a darker version of your own lip color; it'll have impact but still look natural. Also, opt for a moisturizing formula, which will glide on more smoothly and last longer (matte lipsticks tend to flake).

7) Shine-Free Skin

Glowing is nice; greasy isn't. "You can be perfectly groomed, but if your skin is shiny you'll look unclean," says Debra Jaliman, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. To absorb excess oil, use a tissue to gently blot or keep on hand a packet of oil-blotting papers, which work without disturbing your makeup. One to try: Clean + Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets.

8) Glossy Hair

Adding a little sheen can give your mane a full and silky look. The fastest way to get gleaming is to spritz on a shine-enhancing product when hair is dry. Glazing, a salon hair-coloring technique, also adds shine to tresses  -- and you'll discover your hair feels thicker too.

9) Matching Roots

When you can't make it to the salon for hair color, touch up grown-out roots with eye shadow, says makeup expert Bobbi Brown. "Choose a shade that matches your hair color, then use the bristled side of an eyebrow brush to blend the shadow into the hairline and along your part."

10) Perfect Pearls

"Wearing a pair of pearl earrings  -- real or fake  -- is an easy way to add polish," says Joan Kaner, senior vice president and fashion director of Neiman Marcus. These classics go with everything beautifully, from jeans and a tee to an elegant cocktail dress. Bonus: They'll make even tired eyes seem brighter, and they look great against all skin tones.