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10 Ways Having a Baby Gives You a Fresh Start

1. Your old fantasies of winning the lottery or meeting George Clooney are replaced by a single totally compelling new fantasy: sleep!

2. You develop an appreciation for the small triumphs of life, like your baby lifting her head for the first time or you getting out of your pajamas before noon.

3. Your new favorite way to instantly lose ten pounds: childbirth.

4. You rediscover the way you felt about your mom when you were 8 -- she's once again the most amazing person in the world.

5. You acquire whole new fields of expertise: Goodbye, pop music; hello, infant development and childcare management.

6. You find many new ways to spend money, lavishing vast amounts on tiny shoes and enormous stacks of diapers, while your entertainment budget drops to the cost of takeout and a DVD.

7. Desire? Sure, but you learn that when it comes to actually having sex, timing, opportunity, and privacy may be more essential.

8. You're forced to acquire all-new shoe and lingerie wardrobes, thanks to your (bigger) feet and your (much, much bigger) breasts.

9. You may nod off at your book group, but you're riveted by a conversation about baby bowel movements. (Your friends will be happy to hear that this doesn't last.)

10. The most exciting, freshest development of all: a brand-new love of your life.