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143,000 MetroLife Strollers Recalled

July 8, 2005
Graco has recalled 143,000 MetroLife strollers. They consist of a blue, gray, or black plastic and steel frame, with cloth seats and tops of various colors and patterns. The strollers fail to latch properly, causing them to collapse unexpectedly during use. This poses a variety of hazards, including broken bones, cuts, bumps, and bruises. They were sold as standalone strollers as well as part of a travel system that included an infant car seat/carrier and a base. The car seat/carrier is not affected by this recall. The strollers and travel systems were sold at discount, department, and juvenile product stores for between $100 and $200.

Only MetroLife strollers with serial numbers between 10012000 and 12312001 in the first 8 digits and the following model numbers are included in this recall: 6110DW, 6114NGS, 6110F3, 7410CON, 6111FKB, 7413CML, 6114HAV, 7413MRN, and 6114JAM. The serial and model number are located on a label on the cross bar under the foot rest.

To receive a free repair kit or for more information, contact Graco at (800) 981-4412 anytime or visit Miss an alert?
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