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20,800 Children's Flashlights Recalled

March 2, 2006
The Little Tikes Co. has recalled 20,800 animal-shaped flashlights. The paint used on the Glowin' Dino and Glowin' Doggy flashlights contains lead, which is toxic if ingested by young children. Both flashlights are about 9 inches long and are made of plastic. The dinosaur is green and roars when turned on; the dog is white, with brown spots and ears, and barks. They were sold at Target stores nationwide for about $10.

Only flashlights with the following date codes are included in the recall: LC5H161, LC5H291, LC5I031, LC5I091, LC5I131, LC5J061, LC5J231, and LC5J311. Date codes are found on the bottom of the flashlights. Units that do not contain these codes or units with an "R" at the end of the date code are not included in the recall. Nor are other animal flashlight characters made by The Little Tikes Co.

To receive a free replacement or refund, contact The Little Tikes Co. toll-free at (866) 765-6729 anytime, or visit