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3 Birth Control Options for Moms

It's never a bad time to reconsider your contraception. "There's almost always a better option for different stages in your life," says Yale University's Mary Jane Minkin, M.D. See what could work now:

You want something temporary

Consider a hormonal method such as the Pill. Once you stop taking it, you could start ovulating again in only two weeks. And those rumors that you shouldn't stay on it too long? "Even if you've been taking it for years and are over thirty-five, as long as you don't smoke, the Pill is a safe method," says Dr. Minkin. But if remembering to take them is an issue, the NuvaRing is another option-it works like the Pill, but you insert it vaginally, and it stays for three weeks.

Your family's complete (you think)

Consider an IUD. "Your doc can simply pop it in and out to restore fertility ASAP," says Dr. Minkin. There are two options, both inserted into the uterus by your doc: Mirena releases a steady stream of progestin for up to five years. ParaGard releases copper for up to ten years but may cause heavier periods.

You're done

If you're 100 percent sure your uterus is closed for business, a vasectomy for him is much safer than tubal ligation for you, says Dr. Minkin. He can have it done in the doctor's office with novocaine as opposed to your needing a hospital and anesthesia. Essure is an option for women that, unlike a vasectomy and tubal ligation, doesn't require an incision. Your doc inserts tiny metal coils into the fallopian tubes, scar tissue forms around them, and little swimmers are effectively blocked from your eggs.