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3 Common Questions about your Baby's Private Parts

Ever think you're the only one with weird worries about your baby's?genitals? Think again. Moms on Call, a consulting service for new parents (learn more at, says questions about "down there" are among the most common they get, according to cofounder Jennifer Walker, R.N., a pediatric nurse in Atlanta. Here's what you, too, probably want to know about your little pooper's privates:

Q: My son's genitals look like they've gotten smaller -- is that possible?
A: Both male and female genitals are usually enlarged at birth due to Mom's hormones, but they then shrink back to normal size (in proportion to the rest of the newborn body). So you can relax; it's totally normal.

Q: Why does my daughter have discharge in the folds of her labia?
A: If she's a newborn, it's yet another leftover side effect from the maternal hormones still circulating in her little body and will disappear after about a week. If she's an older baby, it could be residual diaper cream or soap. To clean, wrap a wipe around your finger, fold back the skin, and gently wipe the gunk away.

Q: I have to do what to his penis?
A: Clean it, like the rest of him. If he's circumcised, wait until he's completely healed, then you can gently pull the ring of skin around the penis head back to wipe underneath it and avoid re-adhesion. For uncircumcised boys, don't attempt to retract the foreskin; just clean the outside as you would any other body part.