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3 Discomforts of New Moms

Sure, you won't find these conditions in any medical tome, but they're real, all right.

Nursing-mom tendinitis The arm that's cradling your baby while breastfeeding becomes stiff from holding your newborn's head.

Car-seat elbow The loss of feeling in your elbow and arm from carrying your baby in her infant car seat.

Baby-on-hip syndrome Your back aches from pushing your hip out to support your baby, and your hand goes numb from holding her there.

What to do: The numbness is likely from putting too much pressure on the carpal-tunnel nerve that runs from the forearm to the hand, says Tori Kropp, R.N., author of The Joy of Pregnancy. Ice the affected area, take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation, and give yourself a break: Support your baby with a pillow while nursing, use a stroller instead of lugging around that car seat when you can, and try a baby carrier to help your back.