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3 Fun Water Games for Baby

Alloy Photography for Veer

Your sweetie loves her bath -- all those bubbles, plastic toys, and the fruity shampoo -- but with summer on the horizon, you can move the fun outside. Whether you have a side yard, small deck, or a big grassy lawn, water play is an easy (and cheap!) way to entertain and cool off. Here, fun with water -- baby style:

Cool in the pool Nothing says summer like a plastic baby pool. While she's napping, set it up in a sunny spot with shallow water, and it'll be the perfect temp when she's ready for a dip.

Get gardening Let her use a tiny watering can on grass and flowers: Fill it halfway, and show her how to pour it out. Connect a baby sprinkler to your hose and gently spray water near her.

Bring out the basics Seat your tot near a small bucket of water and let her dip a measuring cup in or stir her "soup" with a wooden spoon.

Play it safe Never leave your little one alone in or near a kiddie pool or near a filled bucket. (A baby can drown in just an inch or two of water.) Protect her skin, too: Keep her out of the midday sun, and whenever she's outside, plop a wide-brimmed hat on her noggin and slather her with baby sunscreen.