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3 New Ways to Quit Smoking

One more reason to cease the cigarette habit: Smokers are more likely to report low back pain than nonsmokers, says a new study. The habit may reduce the blood supply to the spine and might also up the risk of osteoporosis. You already know quitting can help reverse the damage, and there are a number of cool new tools to help you do it:
Follow a group of women as they learn to manage stress without cigarettes at this new site from the National Cancer Institute. Offer encouragement via Facebook and Twitter, or begin your own smoke-free journey through live IM'ing with a NCI counselor and by joining a supportive community of women.
Start with a readiness quiz to assess how motivated you are, and then get personalized advice on your next steps toward quitting. Be sure to check out the calculator that computes the amount of cash you could save by ditching the butts (e.g., how many more fabulous pairs of shoes you could buy!).
Based on personal experience from smokers (or rather, EX-smokers) and experts from the Mayo Clinic, this plan keeps things light with goofy graphics and unique features like the beat-your-cravings panic button that gives suggestions on what to do when the urge hits. You'll also find a cigarette tracker to learn how to separate the cig from the situation and swap it out for something better.