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3 Penis Concerns

Baby boys can certainly serve up some special challenges when the diapers come off. We asked Elizabeth Simpson, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, to share the concerns she hears most from moms -- along with her advice on how to handle all (little) things male.

"He peed in his mouth!"
Boys often let loose as soon as they're uncovered, and the stream can have surprising reach. Even with a direct hit to his face, very little urine actually gets in a baby's mouth, says Dr. Simpson. Plus, baby pee contains very little bacteria. You can always offer him some formula or breast milk as a quick rinse. Either way, take it as a good sign: A strong stream is a sign that things are working right down there.

"Um, he has erections...often."
Erections are a natural result of the touching that happens during diaper changes, and it's perfectly normal for him to have them -- even if he's a day old. You may want to take cover, though: Pee often follows.

"He doesn't appear to be fully loaded."
Undescended testicles are fairly common: As many as 4 percent of full-term boys and many more preemies may have only one detectable testicle in their scrotum. Usually, the issue resolves itself by age 1, but your doctor will monitor the journey.