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3 Rules for Making New Mom Friends

Every hip mama needs a tribe of like-minded moms. But making new friends can feel a lot like dating. Here are some tips to help you get your groove back.

The Pickup Line

Skip the all-about-the-kids chatter; that's amateur. Instead, offer a sincere compliment about her and you're sure to earn her attention. "Wow, those earrings are amazing. Where did you find them?" will get you a lot further than "So, how old is your daughter?"

The First Date

Mommy-and-me meet-ups are the norm, but try suggesting an art museum in lieu of the playground to emphasize your budding friendship and not just your babies'. Wherever you go, keep the banter light and positive. Avoid the instinct to bond over stories about life in the mommy trenches. Misery may love company, but not on a first date.

Playing the Field

Congrats! The first date went great. By all means, set up another-and yet another with someone new. Friends help us grow, so keep at it. Mommy friendships require loyalty, not monogamy. And that mom on the park bench over there is totally checking out your diaper bag!