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3 Tips for Safe Bath Time

You probably know how to make bath time fun, but how about keeping the tub safe? In a recent survey, only about a third (38 percent) of adults knew that the correct water temperature for an infant bath is no more than 120 F. Any higher can cause burns, notes Meri-K Appy, president of Home Safety Council, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing home-related injuries. To be safe, keep your home's water-heater gauge set at 120 F, and before you get your bambino wet, test the water by running the inside of your wrist or forearm through the water to test for hot spots. Lukewarm on these thin-skinned areas is just about right. More bath safety tips:

Fill the tub with only an inch or so of water. That's all a baby needs to get clean, enjoy a little water play and stay safe.

Cover the tub spout with a cushioned guard to protect your tot's head in the event he accidentally bumps it.

Never leave your baby unattended for a second in the bath, even if you're using a tub seat, and always stay within arm's reach.