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3 Ways to Ease PMS

If you're cramping up more than ever, it's probably no surprise to hear that PMS can feel worse post-kids, especially if you've switched -- or stopped -- contraceptives. "When you stop taking birth control and start ovulating, you could get hit with the PMS symptoms the Pill was suppressing," says Linda Bradley, M.D., with the Cleveland Clinic. Check out the latest on how to deal:

  • Yoga¬†Practicing yoga can significantly improve the psychological and physical symptoms of PMS, according to a study from India. Yoga provides exercise, relaxation, and stress management -- all things that can ease your monthly misery.

  • Dairy & calcium¬†Taking in 600 mg of calcium (about a glass of milk and a cup of yogurt) twice a day could cut premenstrual fatigue, cravings, and low moods in half, reports a recent Columbia University study. Supplements work, too; pop one with vitamin D for better absorption.

  • Antidepressants¬†Women with moderate to severe PMS may benefit from low doses of sertraline (Zoloft) in the two weeks before their periods, says research in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. If you're really suffering and just not able to function normally, it can't hurt to ask your doctor about it.