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4 Great Websites for Boys
The official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, this site offers games, how-to activity guides and reviews of cool outdoor gear.
Coolest feature: Great jokes!
Parental controls: The site reminds kids under 18 not to submit questions or photos without permission, but nothing actually prevents them from doing so.
Write, illustrate, and publish real books featuring aliens, robots, dragons, and more ($15 and up). 
Coolest feature: E-mail a digital version of his book to friends or relatives for $2.99.
Parental controls: Kids under 13 can register only with a parent.
He can help President Obama defend the planet from an alien invasion, or play another of the 300 free, mostly inane (but fun) games.
Coolest feature: There's a Brain Training section with word and trivia games amid the Shoot 'Em Up and Motorsports categories.
Parental controls: Miniclip won't allow kids under 13 to register, limiting activity to just the free games (yay!).
A site with a worthy goal: to prove to book-averse boys that reading is not boring.
Coolest feature: Tons of book lists that include "How to build stuff" and "People transformed into animals."
Parental controls: None needed.