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4 Home-Haircut Tips

Who wouldn't like to save a few bucks by trimming her kid's mop herself? Sitting still is not a toddler's forte, but with a dose of ingenuity and patience, it is possible to give a decent kid cut. Here's what to do:

Pack the right tools
Haircutting scissors are a must; paper scissors won't cut locks evenly. A spray bottle will help you lightly moisten strands for a more precise cut.

Get her interested...
Talk with your tot about different kinds of hair, or have her list animals with hair. Ventura, CA, mom of three Amy Giglio lets her daughter be a stylist, too. "She loves to put clips in and cut her dolls' hair."

...Or distract, distract, distract
Set up your chair in front of a favorite movie or have special books that only come out for haircuts. "I like using bath books, which are easy to wash," recommends Giglio.

Know where to start
"Children will be the most attentive at the beginning," says Cozy Friedman, owner of the Cozy's Cuts for Kids salons in New York. "Start with the front of the head, in case you don't get to finish. And since hair shrinks when it dries, leave it a little long."