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4 Reasons to Start Swim Lessons

With fall sports, teacher conferences, and homework looming, swimming may be the last thing on your mind. But there are several very good reasons to consider signing your kid up for lessons now, says Leslie Haney, a swim instructor in Cary, NC:

1. Instructors are better rested
Teachers become water-logged as the busy summer season progresses, but they're refreshed and ready to deliver their personal best again after a few weeks' rest. You'll also be more likely to have your pick of certain instructors and more convenient class times to suit your schedule.

2. There's less chaos
Without the pressure of learning in a big group of kids, your child can get more individual attention and the breathing room needed to develop water confidence. "Less stress means more focus on progress, not finding space to teach," says Haney.

3.The weather doesn't matter
In a warm indoor pool your child will have the opportunity to expend pent-up energy and get some exercise even on cold, rainy days.

4. Swim lessons make for a consistent after-school activity
As you sort through your after-school options, you can join the ranks signing up for art or soccer or karate. But swimming lessons fit just as easily into a weekly regime. Another plus: Your kids will go from pool to locker-room shower and come home clean instead of a mess!