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4 Hottest Trends in Baby Names

Kim Kuhn

1. Two of a Kind 

Even if you're not having twins, take a look at these popular girl and boy names that are flip sides of the same coin: Emma and Emmett, Olivia and Oliver, Grace and Grayson, Eva or Evelyn and Everett and Audrey and Auden.

2. Sonic Youth 

Think long hair, rock bands and motorcycles. Marquee-worthy names in favor now include Wilder, Maverick, Harley, Axel, Breaker, Ryker, Gunner and Wolf. A few choices that work for girls: Rebel, Tempest and Beretta.

3. The L Words 

The secret ingredient in many of today's trendiest names is "L." Doubling it is even better: Leila, Lila, Lola, Tallulah, Delilah, Lily and Lulu. For boys, we’re seeing Laszlo, Leopold and Lionel pop up. The '80s were all about J name, the '90s saw the rise of K names, and so L is the natural successor. What’s next? That’s right – M names like Maeve, Marguerite, Malachi and Montgomery.

4. The Empire Strikes Back 

Ancient Roman names are the new Biblical names (The Hunger Games made the trend explode). Consider Atticus, Cato, Augustus, Maximus, Decimus, Octavius and Rufus.