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3 Ways to Avoid Losing Sight of Your Child

Vacation's finally here -- but nothing can ruin a getaway faster than losing sight of your child at an aquarium or a zoo. Here's how to avoid those moments:

Think ahead
"Scope out information booths on maps and show them to your kids once you arrive," says Nancy McBride, National Safety Director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in Alexandria, VA. They are safe places to meet or look for help. Also: Carry a recent photo or consider getting an Amber Alert Safe Child ID card, which you can give police should your child go missing (for more info, visit

Label smart
Personalized backpacks are cute for school, but for travel "it's too easy for strangers to trick kids into thinking they're a friend by calling out their name," says McBride. Try a bracelet like the Spot Me ID (right), instead.

Prep your kids
Point out the staff and security personnel, says McBride. Failing those, tell them to flag down a mom with kids.