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Baby Milestones 0-4 Months: 4 Ways to Soothe a Cranky Baby

He's not hungry, he's not hot. There's no rashy tush, and your doc's confirmed he's not sick. What should you do next to soothe an upset baby? Take a deep breath and try...

Doing less, not more. Turn down the lights and the music, says Lisa Kaufman, M.D., a pediatrician in private practice in New York City. Your baby may just be overstimulated, especially if you've had visitors over or been out together.

Moving, moving. Most babies feel calmed from the repetitive hum of being pushed in a stroller, rocked in a swing, or cuddled in a baby carrier while you take a walk outside (goodness knows you could use the fresh air anyway).

Running the tub. "Who cares if it's your baby's third bath of the day?" says Dr. Kaufman. "If he enjoys it, go with it."

Tuning in. "Many new parents are so busy taking advice from everyone else that they forget to just focus on their baby's temperament," says Dr. Kaufman. This gets easier after the first couple of months, when your baby may have more established likes and dislikes. Until then, you can fall back on your own preferences. "Your child is your child," says Dr. Kaufman. "If Bob Dylan calms you down, chances are it might work for your baby, too."