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4 Websites for Tween Girls

A buzzing message board, with ties to a tween-focused marketing firm.
Coolest Feature: The White House Wall—Your daughter can postmessages and pictures that will be sent to the First Family.
On Boys and Bodies: A lunchroom atmosphere means honest talk from girls—for better or worse.
Parental Controls: When she registers, she'll be asked to submit your e-mail address so you can be notified.

Games, a journal and talk, based on squeaky-clean girls from the books.
Coolest Feature: Clubs—There's one for everything from volunteering to cooking, plus a page for her to post fiction and poetry.
On Boys and Bodies: Stresses staying healthy, playing sports and getting positive attention (i.e., for smarts, not short skirts).
Parental Controls: A parent's e-mail address is required for sign-up; parents can cancel at any time.

A colorful virtual world (complete with tree house) for tweens and moms
Coolest Feature: Videos— Girls don't just watch them, they make and upload their own.
On Boys and Bodies: Strongly emphasizes self-esteem, playing it safe by mostly avoiding the topic of boys altogether.
Parental Controls: A parent must approve each friend before her daughter can chat with or receive e-mail from that person.

The online home of the tween magazine, a past Parents' Choice Award winner
Coolest Feature: The Pen Pal Program—She'll be sent the names and e-mails (no home addresses) of five girls. But it costs $20.
On Boys and Bodies: "Love" talk doesn't stray far from "liking" and hand-holding. A section on periods lets her ask questions.
Parental Controls: Kids under 13 need permission to join. Adult moderators have a strong presence, even offering crush advice when asked.