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5 Reasons You're Not Having Sex...But Could Be

1. The kids are in the other room!
Yes, but they do sleep (we hope!). Their deepest sleep is about 15 to 30 minutes after they nod off  -- so grab that opportunity.

2. Do you realize how exhausted I am?
Remember last time you thought you were too tired, and how you perked up when he did that little you-know-what? Remind him there's nothing like a little you-know-what to give you a second (okay, third) wind.

3. There's no time!
Don't give us that  -- not after you squeezed in ten minutes to Google the mom you just met at Tiny Tots Music. Sex doesn't have to take long to be fun.

4. I'm too worried about our bills, my job, doing the dishes, making playdates for the kids...
Write the to-dos on a piece of paper and promise yourself you'll tackle them all  -- tomorrow. Tonight, you're tackling your husband.

5. We're so busy weekdays, and the kids are always underfoot on weekends.
Hello? What do you think The Disney Channel is for? Turn it on, watch your kids gather around the glow like little moths, and sneak away.