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6 Pregnancy Perks

If you're not feeling the love for the whole pregnancy thing (yeah, morning sickness and weight gain have a tendency to do that), let us remind you of the plethora of perks that go along with your expanding waistline.

Hello, Cleavage!
 It happens almost instantly, regardless of previous cup size: Most pregnant women boast a more endowed figure -- and for good reason. Breasts get larger as milk ducts grow and stretch as they fill with milk early in pregnancy, prepping you to feed your baby. So toss out the Wonderbras and enjoy your au naturel enhancement.

Feelin' Sexy
 While your baby belly may seem like a literal hindrance to your sex life, being pregnant may actually make you feel more in the mood, especially during the second trimester. Increased blood flow to the pelvic area can physically make sex more enjoyable for you, so take advantage of this oh-so-delightful time!

Hair and Skin and Nails, Oh My!
 Go ahead, girl! Shake your shiny lion's mane, gaze proudly at your longer and stronger claws, and blind the world with your glow. Hormones, coupled with those prenatal multivitamins, may do wonders for your hair, skin and nails.

Always an Excuse
 In a bad mood? Blame your hormones. Reaching for your second helping? Blame the baby. And "if you're feeling feisty," says Suz Besecker, a pregnant mom in Longwood, Florida, "blame it on your husband."

Diet? What Diet?Three cheers for nine months when the goal is to gain weight instead of lose it. On top of that, your "cravings" are considered cute and are immediately located for you. Pickles and ice cream? Check. Anything your heart (and belly) desires can be yours -- in moderation, of course.

Queen for Nine Months
 There's nothing like a little royal treatment. You'll notice people everywhere being just a little bit nicer: letting you skip the line for the bathroom, giving their seat to you on the subway. Even at home, you might notice a return to chivalry. Your partner might take to holding doors for you and carrying your bag (even your purse, maybe). Enjoy it while it lasts, sister!