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8 Workout Ideas For Every Mom

When it comes to getting healthy, what works for one mom might not work for another. Try the get-fit ideas below that suit your style best. To learn more about your fitness personality, take our quiz at

The Solo Artist: You want calm, quiet, and time for yourself. Reconnect with a prebaby workout. Power-walk a favorite route in your neighborhood or tune in to an iPod mix you used to listen to while you're pedaling on the elliptical. Try swimming. When you need alone time, hand the baby off to Dad and do laps at a local pool. Nobody can bother you without jumping in! (To find a pool near you, go to

The Social Butterfly: You crave company to work out with. Walk and talk. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, meet her on a park path. You can catch up while you huff and puff. Find camaraderie. Get moving with a fitness program that's designed for new moms, such as StrollerFit -- sign up at and get a free week of classes!

The Time Cruncher: You want your exercise fast and efficient. Choose intense cardio. You can burn the same 290 calories during an hour of leisurely bicycling or from just 30 minutes of jogging. Break it up. Three 10-minute walks after meals still equals 30 minutes of exercise.

The Anti-Exerciser: To you, even labor sounds better than cardio. Just get out. Tell yourself you only have to take one stroll around the block. After a little fresh air, there's a good chance you'll feel better and keep moving. Dress the part. Treat yourself to a few new pieces of workout clothing that make you feel good. Then put them on first thing when you wake up or before you leave your job as a big reminder to meet your workout goals.