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8,000 Toy Trucks Recalled

March 29, 2006
QVC Inc. has recalled 8,000 toy trucks. The Thunder Spin R.C. Road Rage Stunt Machine Toy Trucks contain electrical circuits that can overheat, creating a fire hazard.

The truck is 10 inches by 11 inches and was sold in blue and green, and came with two orange flame decals on each side. One of the decals includes "Stunt Machine in orange block lettering. It is radio-controlled and comes with one charger, one 9.6 V rechargeable battery pack, and on 9 volt battery. The model number is T23624 and is only located on the toy's packaging, above the UPC. The toy trucks were sold nationwide for $44.

QVC will send a letter to all of the product's purchasers notifying them of the recall and any refund instructions. For more information, call (800) 367-9444 anytime or visit view the entire recall, including a photo, please visit an alert?
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