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A Colic Culprit

For years, experts have pondered the possibility that what you eat could literally make your baby cry. Now, a new study provides significant support for that theory. Allergist David Hill, M.D., of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, found that colicky breastfed infants under 6 weeks of age reduced their crying by as much as an hour and 45 minutes a day after their mothers were put on a low-allergen diet. The catch: The diet was very restrictive  -- no cow's milk (or related dairy products like cheese), peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, soy, or fish. Of course that pretty much leaves breastfeeding moms with a menu of just red meat, poultry, rice, fruits, and veggies  -- not too realistic in the long term. Still, you only need to try the diet for about two weeks, and even one week may be enough, notes Dr. Hill. Then, if your baby's colic has improved, you can gradually add back in foods and see which ones trigger a colic bout.