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A Date With Myself

"After the kids are in bed and my husband's on duty, sometimes I go alone to a late movie. I get a big soda and a small popcorn, and lose myself in another world."
 --Dena Dyer, Granbury, TX

"I take our dog for a walk before bed. Strolling through the local park under the stars clears my head, and I come back refreshed and cheerful."
 --Andrea Messina, Parenting staffer

"I love browsing the greeting-card section of my neighborhood drugstore. I can hang out for an hour reading the funny, inspirational, and thought-provoking messages. (My little secret: If I like one, I'll buy it and mail it to myself.)"
 --Monique Brown McKenzie, Brooklyn

"The library is so quiet, and the cubicles are a perfect place to get precious uninterrupted time as I flip through magazines or finish a book."
 --Leslie Garrison, Virginia Beach, VA

"I go shopping  -- all by myself. I grab a coffee and wander leisurely through the stores where I can't take a one-year-old."
 --Heather Koenig, Noblesville, IN