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A Good Night's Sleep (For You!)

It's not always the baby who's stealing your zzz's. The position you snooze in can throw off proper body alignment, which affects quality of sleep. Simple changes for better shut-eye from Scott Donkin, a chiropractor in Lincoln, NE:

You fall asleep on your... belly

Potential problem: To breathe easily, you have to twist your head to the right or left, which can strain your neck.

Easy adjustment: Start off the night lying on your side with a pillow between your knees. Or try a body pillow to lean into as you sleep. Both will keep your spine and neck more naturally aligned.

You fall asleep on your... back

Potential problem: If your head is elevated too high (and your chin points down to your chest), your spine may curve forward, creating tension in the shoulders and upper back.

Easy adjustment: Sleep with a flatter pillow  -- and put another one under your knees to prevent your lower back from arching, which can also cause pain.

You fall asleep on your... side

Potential problem: Your middle can dip toward the mattress and put pressure on your lower back.

Easy adjustment: Put a rolled towel between your waist and the bed, positioning it under the fitted sheet.