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About Post-Baby Tears

Chances are, soon after you return home, you'll weep. It could be the sight of those cute little outfits, or of your newborn sleeping peacefully in his bassinet, that'll set you off.

Such tears are a result of a sudden hormonal fluctuation -- along with the realization that your life has changed, says obstetrician Lisa Masterson, M.D., of Santa Monica, CA. Estrogen levels skyrocket during pregnancy, then suddenly drop after delivery. As hormones level off to their pre-pregnancy state, and you bond with your baby, these crying jags will subside -- usually after two weeks.

What Helps:

  • Family and friends who pitch in to cook and clean.
  • An opportunity to spend some time alone. Let your partner care for the baby.
  • A brisk walk around the neighborhood. Exercise-induced endorphins will help balance out your body's hormonal shift.
  • A date with your mate. If you're uncomfortable leaving your newborn, get a sitter and order takeout.