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After the C-Section

Don't fret about missed bonding opportunities. Vaginal births may not allow for immediate postpartum one-on-one time either. You still have a lifetime ahead to bond with your baby.

Use language that gives you credit for the birth. Instead of telling people "the doctors delivered my baby," try "the doctors assisted me in delivering my baby."

Ask for feeding help. Don't let the nurse walk away until you're in a comfortable position and your baby is latched on correctly. Ask a nurse to put the baby in the bassinet when you're done and to get you extra water to keep you hydrated.

Stay ahead of pain with medication so you can rest and heal properly. It won't hurt the baby, so don't try to wean yourself before you're ready.

Take it slow the first two weeks. Too much activity prolongs the healing process. Focus on resting and caring for your baby.

Stop comparing your birth experience to other women's. No one gets an "A", "B," or "F" on how they perform in the delivery room, so avoid grading yourself.

If you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed, get help. Talk to your doctor, or call the helpline of Postpartum Support International: 800-944-4773.