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Ask Denene: Tuning Your Kid Out

Q. My son goes on and on about Yu-Gi-Oh. It bores me to tears. Is it awful to tune him out?

A. You're a grown woman, and as such you have the right to glaze over when it comes to Japanese anime trading cards. Folks will have you thinking that if you don't hold a parade to celebrate your child's every thought/word/deed, you suck as a mother and your offspring will be traumatized.

Personally, I've found that honing my acting skills goes a long way toward getting me through when one of my girls starts droning on about something. I put on a performance that's Oscar-worthy: On the outside, I'm all, "Oh, goodness, that's awesome!" On the inside, I'm figuring out how I can get the laundry/dinner/hair done in the next 45 minutes. My kid trots off, satisfied that I actually care about her current passion, when really, it's no biggie to me. Everybody's happy.

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