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Attention-Grabbers for Babies

We know babies love to look at other babies  -- but did you realize that your tot actually knows who his peers are? A new study found that 9-month-olds would rather look at photos and movies of babies their own age, and are less interested in younger infants. And that's not all: A 9-month-old would rather look at someone else his age than himself. That means your child can now recognize his own face and is more intrigued by a new one.

Face it: 5 ways to keep his attention

  • Put a baby-safe mirror on the floor with his other toys (you can put one near him in the car, too).
  • Buy books that show baby faces.
  • Sign your munchkin up for a class with peers.
  • Visit the park, library, or any other baby hangout.
  • Fill a photo album (those inexpensive ones with one photo per page are perfect) with shots of your cutie and his pals, and then look at the album together with your little one.