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Awkward Double Dating

Q  My husband keeps making plans to see another couple. I don't want to keep him from being friends, but I can't stand them. What should I do?

I can't imagine a husband on earth who'd knowingly procure a double date with people his wife doesn't like. Maybe he wants to be friends with the husband but doesn't knowhow to ask him out on a "date." Or he's not sure they're close enough to suggest grabbing a beer, so he hides behind the couple thing. Talk to him and find out what he sees in them that you don't -- and vice versa. Then try to figure out how you both can be happy with the friendship. If he insists on hanging with them, make it a double date that doesn't require much face time -- the movies (not much talking happening there!) or getting dessert (no suffering through a long dinner). Or give him permission to watch the game with his boy (which cuts you out altogether, without need for apology). In return, you can endure the friendship without griping -- it's not like they'll be moving in with you.

Denene Millner is a mom of two, stepmom of one, and a former editor at Parenting. She's the author of ten books.