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Baby Boredom Busters

Guess what? You've got a new BFF, and you're his all-time favorite. He simply adores you, and gives you smiles that you'll do anything for, even if it means sticking out your tongue for the umpteenth time. This is an exciting stage for you and your baby because his personality is beginning to blossom. To keep you both entertained, think back over your past few months together. Is he the quiet type, content to snuggle in your arms with his favorite book, or is he boisterous and social, a prom king in the making? Tailor some of your activities to his budding temperament, but continue to gradually introduce him to new games and sensations so he can expand his horizons. Here are some games you'll both love to play:

Play ball Attach a soft ball or small stuffed animal to a bright ribbon and dangle it above his head, letting him swat and kick at it. (Just be sure to never leave him alone with the ribbon.)

Music makers Join him on the floor with several bowls and spoons for an impromptu drum lesson.

Simon says Place him on the bed. Touch his nose and say "nose." Put his hands on your nose and say "nose" again. Repeat with other body parts.

Dump truck Give him a shoe box filled with blocks, rattles, plastic rings, and other small baby-safe objects. Sit next to him on the floor and help him empty and fill the box over and over.

Bubblicious Blow a cascade of soapy bubbles so he can reach up, try to touch them, and giggle.

Mirror, mirror Sit in front of a mirror. Sing songs, talk, and make funny faces together.