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Baby's Naked-Time Tips

If your child resists being diapered, you've already learned that babies love hanging out in the nude. It's a sensory experience -- a chance to check out textures and temperatures with their whole bodies. It's also healthy: "Time without diapers means less of the changing that can irritate the skin," says Steven Abelowitz, M.D., a pediatrician in Newport Beach, CA. Just ten minutes au naturel daily gives bottoms a chance to air out, which helps rashes and yeast infections heal more quickly. Naked-time tips:

Don't put your baby directly on the floor -- let him play on a towel or blanket to keep him warm.

Offer different sensations. Rub a feather, a sock, or a silk scarf across his tummy to see how he reacts.

Give him a baby massage. With slow, circular motions, rub lotion along his legs, arms, and belly.

Watch for signs he's cold. Cool hands or feet, mottled skin, or darkened lips means it's time to bundle up again.