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Baby Steps: Get Ready for Walking

Walking is a baby's first big, well, step into toddlerhood. While those thrilling moments may still be a few weeks or months away, you can help him prepare for the big day. "Children love push toys because they allow them to move around in a way they couldn't before," says Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D., a pediatrician in Los Angeles. "Plus, they can help your prewalker find his balance." Check out more reasons why push toys are a perfect match for your little one right now:


They develop strength. Once your baby can pull up, he's ready to push a toy forward (with you behind him!). Most babies take to push toys very quickly, and using one will strengthen his arm, leg, and core muscles.


They build confidence. "Every step of a child's development builds toward the next, so once your tot gets a taste of the excitement of moving, he may try harder to walk on his own," says Dr. Altmann.


They're long-lasting. Babies never tire of the exhilarating feeling of zooming around the house, which is why you can count on these toys to deliver years of fun!