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Baby Steps: When Baby Ignores You

Don't be surprised if your baby becomes obsessed with you, or Dada, or Nana, only to give everyone else the cold shoulder. It's all part of healthy development and a way for him to communicate his feelings. In the meantime, you may have some wounds to lick:


You're the left-out parent Avoid saying, "Olivia doesn't like when I give her a bath" when she's around. Instead, let Dad handle bathtime (while you enjoy a relaxing glass of wine!), and find other positive experiences you can share with your little one. After all, she knows only you are good at making those silly voices during storytime.


You're the favored parent Resist giving in to your child's demands for you to put her to bed - again. She may cry, but it's okay to bow out and let your spouse do it sometimes. Stay in her line of sight to show her that you're not abandoning her and that your husband has your full support.


You're both ignored Remember that childhood lasts a long time. Your toddler's preference for the babysitter or (God forbid!) your mother-in-law will soon be a dim memory.


As long as she's loved and being cared for, relish these bits of freedom now before she moves on to another Mommy- or Daddy-only phase.