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Babyproof Bash

We want to make sure you, your guests, and your budding socialite have a smashing (and safe!) time this holiday season, so follow these tips for babyproofing your bash from Angela Mickalide, Ph.D., a spokesperson for the Home Safety Council:

  • Keep those yummy appetizer platters out of reach. Bite-size goodies (cheese cubes, nuts, dried fruits, and raw veggies) can all be choking hazards. Watch out for dropped food, too.
  • Forget the tablecloth. Babies love to pull at tablecloths' hanging edges, which can bring whatever's on top -- plates, glasses, silverware -- crashing down.
  • Toss unfinished glasses of spiked eggnog. Alcohol of any kind can be toxic to a baby.
  • Stash handbags. Your tiny partyer might find medication, hard candy, and more in Aunt Judy's purse, so put your guests' belongings in a closet or out of reach.
  • Decorate simply. Yay, an excuse to do less! Avoid sharp or breakable trimmings; skip poisonous holiday plants such as holly berries and amaryllis; and look out for choking hazards, like bows, ribbons, and even mistletoe.