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Baby's Other Milestones

Walking and talking are the big milestones, but there are some less obvious -- although just as telling -- markers that let you know whether your child's on track. Here, four things to look out for in the first year:

Having a favorite song

When you'll see it From birth
What it means Repetition can be comforting to babies, but this is more than that: It shows that they can now remember experiences and understand patterns and routines, says Jennifer Shu, M.D., coauthor of Heading Home With Your Newborn.

"Eating" her toes

When you'll see it 5 to 6 months
What it means When a baby can lie on her back and pull her toes toward her mouth, she's developed the fine motor skills that will help her bring objects close to herself with both hands. Soon she'll grab for the foods you offer and feed herself with her fingers.

Nodding and shaking her head

When you'll see it 9 to 10 months
What it means "Yes" and "no" are starting to make sense to your baby, even though she can't say the words yet. Her movements may seem random, but watch closely: She might be responding to something you've said!


When you'll see it 9 to 10 months
What it means Your baby can spot things she likes -- and she's trying to get you to look at them, too. Even if she's not speaking yet, this shows she wants to communicate with you.