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Baby's Personality Clues

Does your baby's behavior leave you scratching your head, wondering if you brought home the wrong bundle of joy from the hospital? Even though your baby's personality is inherited from both Mom and Dad, your little one is a unique individual who will take some getting used to. Some traits, like shyness, can change or disappear over time. But other behaviors will persist. Watch for these clues to figure out how you can help your baby grow.

Is your baby... a wiggly worm?
You can...
Take her out of the bouncy seat and put her down on a blanket on the floor with some toys.

Is your baby... slow to warm up?
You can...
Give her time to adjust to new experiences, and don't inundate her with too many new things at once.

Is your baby... easygoing?
You can...
Have fun, but know that she can tolerate only so much of the wild and crazy life before a meltdown.

Is your baby... a shrieker?
You can...
Keep your voice soft and try to be quieter than she is, so she can learn how to calm herself down.

Is your baby... predictable?
You can...
Be consistent and stick to the schedule, so you'll both be happier.