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Bath Buddies

Q. When should I start giving separate baths to my 2-year-old and his little sister?

There isn't anything wrong with letting your boy and girl splash around together if no one feels awkward; it's fun for them, and it saves time for you.

By the time your son turns 3, he'll start to realize his body's different from his sister's, and he may start asking questions. Use kid-friendly terms to explain to him how boys and girls are physically different, says William Arroyo, M.D., a child psychiatrist in Los Angeles.

At any age, kids are fascinated by body parts, and little ones might be tempted to touch their bathmate's  -- or their own  -- privates. It's a natural reaction to their boundless curiosity, so don't panic. But if your kids don't listen when you tell them to stop touching down there when they're together, or either gets uncomfortable in the other's presence, it's time to schedule separate baths.