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Beautiful Feet Tips

"Out of sight, out of mind" works well for messy rooms (cram stuff in the closet) and troublesome in-laws (Visit? Love to, but...). It's fine for your feet all winter, too -- but with open-toe-shoe weather upon us, it's time to spruce up. Below, a bare-minimum toenail tweak for when you don't have time for a full pedi, from celeb manicurist Elle.

1. File nails so they aren't ragged. If you're okay without color, use a ridge filler, which will smooth everything out, and call it a pedicure. Try: Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage, $16;

2. Want color? Use a neutral shade and you can skip the base coat (plus, mistakes will be less noticeable). With a richer color, you'll need the extra step of applying that base first.

3. Apply a quick-dry topcoat. "After a few minutes, swipe nail with some oil to keep the cuticles looking refreshed," Elle says. Try: Dashing Diva Flash Dry Topcoat, $10;