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Belly-Painted Babes



Winner! (2006) Melissa Casarez, Lowell, MA

Melissa took the grand prize with her belly�s artistic depiction of the classic scene from The Wizard of Oz.

Humpty Dumpty


Finalist: Sarah Lingwall, West Valley City, UT
Sarah�s burgeoning belly helped her hatch a plan to paint her tummy as the famous fairy-tale egg.

Bowl of Fruit


Finalist: Marigold Haske, Santa Ana, CA
Marigoldâ��s belly is a wonderfully-styled classic oil painting  -- with lots of painstaking detail. 

Buddha Belly


Finalist: Julie Kukreja, Algonquin, IL
Every mom-to-be hopes her baby will be serene and easygoing  -- looks like those thoughts were channeled into Julieâ��s belly painting!

Officer Mom


Finalist: Chrystal Steffen, Oak Lawn, IL
Looks like this baby-to-be is going to get an early start on discipline  -- Momâ��s already got the rule-maker role down pat.

Ready for Landing


Finalist: Stacy Landis, Ft. Wayne, IN
By the looks of mom�s belly, Stacy�s baby-to-be is coming in for a landing very shortly...

Creative Self-Expression


Finalist: Julie Goduto-Hogan, Lombard, IL
Not only is Julieâ��s abstract belly art vivid and visually arresting, but she painted her own belly  -- unassisted!

Stork�s Delivery


Finalist: Ginger Patchin, Las Vegas, NV
Gingerâ��s belly pays homage to the most-recognized symbol of childbirth  -- the stork, making a much-anticipated delivery.

A Take on Disney


Finalist: Kristen Fowles, West Columbia, SC
Hats off to Kristenâ��s rendition of two Disney character favorites  -- Baby Pooh and his buddy Piglet.