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Best Cities 2010: Virginia Beach, VA

City: Virginia Beach 

State: Virginia 

Best Cities Overall Rank: 14

About Virginia Beach: First Landing State Park, the first place where members of the Virginia Company landed, is in Virginia   Beach.

Virginia Beach has above average NAEP Grade 8 State Proficiency in both math and reading as well as an 84% high school graduation rate in 2008.

County: Virginia Beach City

Population: 433,746

Official website for city visitors' bureau/city:  Visitor's bureau website 

Newspaper with the largest circulation: Virginian Pilot

Virginia Beach blogs:

Virginia Beach

My Inconvenient Body

Virginia Beach's Facebook page: Follow Virginia Beach on Facebook

Virginia Beach's Twitter page: Follow Virginia Beach on Twitter


Education rank: 63

High School graduation rate 2008: 84.2%

Blue Ribbon Schools, 2003-2009: 2

Blue Ribbon Schools per 100,000 people: 0.46

NEAYC-accredited preschools: 6

NAEYC schools per 100,000 people: 1.38

NAEP State proficiency reading, grade 8: 266

Pupil/Teacher Ratio: 17.89

Total Expenditures Per Student: $11,544


Health rank: 89

Quality children's hospitals: 0

Hospitals per 100,000 people: 0

Quality Pediatricians: 1

Quality Pediatricians per 100,000: 0.23

Average number of Unhealthy Air Quality days between 2006-2008, by county: 1


Safety rank: 12

Violent Crimes, 2008: 1,043

Violent Crime Rate per 100,000: 240.46

Sex Offenders: 626

Sex Offenders per 100,000: 144.32


Economy rank: 8   

Travel time to work, 2006-2008, in minutes: 22.6        

Percent of labor force unemployed, January 2010: 8         

Best Performing Cities Job Index: 913.53

Median Home Sale Price: $231,200                   

5-Year Home Value Index: 2.25%                        

Percent of homes sold for a loss: 12.81%      


Recreation Rank:  54

Parkland acreage, 2008 (includes pools and playgrounds): 5,135         

Parkland per 100,000: 1,183.87