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Bethenny Frankel on Life with Baby

Gary He

Favorite TV family ever (real or fictional): Modern Family.

What's always in your refrigerato:r Grape tomatoes.

The last meal you made for your family: Whole-wheat pasta with broccoli, red pepper, and pieces of chicken.

Craziest thing you've done while sleep-deprived: Gone on a speaking tour.

Trait you hope your children don't inherit from you: Inability to sleep.

Your favorite kids' movie of all time: Ratatouille.

Last thing your child did that made you laugh: She woke up from a nap and screamed like a pterodactyl.

Song that best describes your parenting experiences to date: “Wheels on the Bus.” 

Lost toy/object you recently helped your child find: A little musical bear that I play while changing her diaper. 

Last parenting decision you regretted: Taking work that forces me to leave the house. I want to soak up every moment there with my daughter.

Best piece of parenting advice you ever got: A reporter said to me, “Don't ever apologize to your children for needing to work.”

First word that pops into your head when we say “mom”: Love.


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