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Bird Mobile Craft

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Bird Mobile

These adorable birds will make any child's imagination soar. We think flat shells work best for this project, but experiment with different shapes. Hang them individually, or try suspending a flock of birds from the ceiling in your kid's bedroom using hooks or pushpins.


  • Colored paper, such as recycled gift wrap

  • Scissors

  • Small leaves and twigs

  • Glue

  • Flat shells

  • 16-inch-long string or thin ribbon

  • Thick paper

  1. Cut out three thin oval shapes from colored paper for the wings, a beak shape and a little circle for the eye, and trim two twigs for the legs.



  2. Glue the wings, same-length legs, and beak onto the back of the shell, fanning out the wings across the top of the bird's “body” Let dry.



  3. Cut string and fold in half to make a loop. Glue the ends to the inside of the shell, and cut and glue a round piece of thick paper over the back to hold the string in place.



  4. Glue a leaf onto the front as a wing and stick the eye in position. When everything is dry, you can hang your bird from the nearest branch, a window, or even a coat rack.

CRAFT-TASTIC TIP: If you can't find shells like these at your local beach, check out a website like