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Birth Photography: Capturing the Moment of Labor

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You've photographed your bump, journaled the first kick and posted your ultrasound pics to Facebook. But recording your pregnancy milestones doesn't have to stop at the hospital door. Many moms today hire birth photographers to capture every moment of labor and delivery — right down to the sweat and tears. “The birth of a child is … possibly even more momentous than a wedding,” says Melanie Pace of Beautiful Beginnings Birth Photography in Cincinnati. Thinking of lining up your own delivery-day photog? Start here:

Do your research. Find out whether your hospital allows professional photography during the birth. Then ask friends, local doulas or even your ob-gyn for recommendations.

Ask the important questions. You know to ask about prices and packages. (Some run upward of $1,800.) But birth photography also has its own set of questions: Will you be on call? When will you come during labor? What if I have a Caesarean? How quickly will I get the photos?

Check the chemistry. The photographer is going to see you from every angle — and we mean every! Make sure you feel comfortable before you sign on the dotted line.

Lay out ground rules. Meet with your photographer ahead of time to discuss what to expect, talk about your birth plan and describe what details you do or don't want caught on camera.

Would you hire a photographer to snap your labor and delivery?